is a versatile, multi-faceted design studio based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its ever-evolving curators are known for effortlessly combining history and modernity, imagination and discipline in projects of every scale. Millicent is available to assist you in all aspects of your design project from start to finish including the design of pools, new construction, renovations, working comfortably alongside builders, subs and architects.



Rondero’s love for design started as a young child visiting new home sites with her grandmother and grandfather, a new homes agent and a builder in town. Construction sites were a regular part of her childhood. A love for creating balance in a space evolved into a great passion for all things “design”. After graduation, she and her husband Pat moved from Virginia to Los Angeles, where another chapter was written in Hillary’s design journey. California truly resonated with Hillary and her love for bright, natural spaces with plenty of texture and refined finishes. This is not to be overshadowed by a commitment to constantly taking risk in design. A mix of old and new gives each client a unique space which they can continue to layer and enrich over time. Hillary believes a design should feel alive and always evolving to achieve balance and create a desired mood.